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Nov 04

Shine On, Harvest Boobs

Ah, November! The snows have already begun on Kougar Mountain, and I'm preparing for my upcoming production cycle. I always wind up shooting more in the colder months, when there are fewer distractions; and travel to places like LA, Miami and Las Vegas, with their vast talent pools, looks much more appealing.

Since I've last checked in, I made a whirlwind tour of the UK with Sara Jay and Karen Fisher. We stayed in London, and managed to be there during the XbizEU festivities. A marvelous time was had by all (I love my English boys), and I got to attend another party at the amazing 33 Portland Place. The Georgian landmark mansion was the location for many of the scenes in The King's Speech, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to hang out. I'm trying to arrange a party there with a large group of my gentlemen friends for my next visit to London, probably early in 2012. I've been returning to my gangbang party roots lately, relaxing by doing groups of a dozen or more guys, and I've never done a really big bang overseas. If you're one of my Brit fans, and would like to participate, please let me know, and I'll put you on the mailing list.

Speaking of great parties, this afternoon I leave for New Jersey to attend this years ExxxoticaNJ. It starts today, and runs all weekend (November 4th-6th). Once again, Sara I will be sharing a table; and this time we'll be joined by my girlfriend Totally Tabitha, and stunning newcomer Tori Taylor. I'll be bringing all sorts of new products to autograph and personalize for you, including some hot t-shirts, and the first copies of my new DVD, The American Pornstar Experience, Volume 1. It's the first DVD release from Kougar Mountain Productions, and I am awfully proud of it. You'll be seeing much more about it here, and I'll have it for sale in my new online store when it launches later this month.

So, come on down to the New Jersey Convention Center this weekend, meet the girls and me, and check out the disc. I'd love to sign one just for you!

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